Inteligator Scam

One of the questions that any user frequently asks about any new service that they are trying out is whether or not it is a scam. And so people will search for subjects like “inteligator scam” to find out about a service.

Inteligator is basically a background checking service that allows you to find out background information about people. The question of an inteligator scam is obviously front of people’s minds because they don’t want to be ripped off. But the simple truth is that the merchant provider for Inteligator is a company called clickbank, which has one of the most sterling guarantees possible.

They simply would not be representing Inteligator if it was a scam. So you can rest easy.

Of course, regardless of thoughts about inteligator scams or anything else, the fact remains that the purpose of using a background checking tool like Inteligator is to find out whether someone is lying to you or not, and hence people are likely to be slightly suspicious when they use it simply by the nature of the mindset that goes into looking for a background checking tool.

The consumer will always find it easy to cancel such services because the truth is that you don’t really have to contact the company direct. You just have to contact the merchant account provider, and so the question of an inteligator scam is always going to be a moot point.

The power ALWAYS resides with the consumer.

Inteligator are simply providing a much needed consumer service.

You could end up losing a lot more money than the few dollars subscription that inteligator charges if you don’t adequately check out people that you are thinking of doing business with, or employing.

So bear that in mind before you make any decisions about whether or not to carry out a background check on someone.

And also remember that a service such as this can also be used to check that someone is not cheating on you in a relationship by providing you with the means to do background checks, checks on mobile phone numbers that they have used, and other checks that can provide you with information that would otherwise not be available to you.

And whilst it is never nice to think about someone you love cheating on you, the fact is that you are far better off knowing what is going on, and playing with all the facts by using a service like Inteligator to carry out some checks, then you are by secretly harbouring distrustful thoughts about your partner that may not even be true!

You can check out Inteligator here and make up your own mind >>


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