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None of us think that it will happen to us. It never crosses our mind that a candidate for a job, or a partner whom we have come to care about will lie to us. We take what they say on trust, and never bother to generally think of the consequences if they are in fact lying to us.

And yet in this age where identity theft is becoming increasingly common, it is now more essential than ever that we take steps to protect ourselves by checking that new people who we may not be familiar with are who they say they are.

Why Doing An Inteligator Criminal Record Search Makes Sense…

There is no need to become paranoid with this! You don’t have to hire a private detective or have them ‘trailed’ Philip Marlowe Style!  But it is worth taking a few basic precautions to check who they say they are, and you can easily do this online with a service like Inteligator.

inteligator criminal records search

Why Do An Inteligator Search?

You can very quickly check whether or not someone has previous criminal convictions, which is especially handy where you are hiring for a job where handling money or responsibility for other people’s property is involved. And an Inteligator Criminal Records Search is also useful where you are becoming more involved with a partner socially, who you may care about, but don’t honestly know much about.

In such situations perhaps you are considering moving the relationship up to the next level of intimacy, but simply want to make sure that the other person is being truthful to you before doing so.

That is perfectly acceptable, and the good thing is that with a service like Inteligator you can very quickly check out their background, and check for glaring omissions from what they have told you. And the best part is that you can do it without them knowing about it, so you don’t have to sour the relationship unnecessarily.

Most likely you will find they are perfectly genuine and can rest easier at night.

But what if they weren’t?

What implications would that have?

If you found out for example that they had a criminal record for dangerous driving then you may well not consider that to be a deal-breaker for the relationship.

But how about if they had been convicted of crimes against children or for armed robbery? Then in all likelyhood that would make you think much longer and harder about whether or not this was a ‘healthy’ relationship that you really wanted to pursue.

Of course, as with all information, it is still up to you as to how to interpret it, and you can always choose to stay in any relationship, regardless of the criminal convictions that your partner may have. But it does at least allow you the option to question them about them, and make any decisions on the basis of proper facts.

And of course this is only amplified in a business situation…

If you found out that a potential business partner had in the past been convicted of embezzling money from a previous business, then wouldn’t that be information that you would want to know?

They are not likely to tell you these things themselves without prompting, so it is up to you to do a little background checking yourself.

That is what Inteligator allows you to do quickly and easily, and in just a few minutes from now you can rest easier knowing that the little doubt in your mind about someone was not in fact justified, and this actually strengthens any relationships that you do have.

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