Inteligator – Is It Any Good?

Figuring out whether or not you need to do an Inteligator background check is something that you will have to decide.  I just wanted to weigh in and give a few of my own thoughts about why services like Inteligator exist, and how you might think of them.

You see, in a way it is quite sad that there is even a need for a service like this!

Why do you need Inteligator?

Why Inteligator?

Why Inteligator?

Why? Well, a service like Inteligator is really all about checking up on people to make sure that they are telling you the truth.  Now, there are many occasions when it is ok to take someone’s word on who they are and what they have done. But the reality is that that is not always the case.

Sometimes, especially when it is in a workplace setting it can be incredibly useful to be able to use a background checking service like Inteligator, and really get to the heart of the matter quickly. Namely, are they telling you the truth, and can you believe them?

If you read around then it is quite frightening quite how many bad experiences people have had in this area. Where people have run off with money, or not been who they say they are, and so unfortunately it has become ever more important to actually check up on this and really make sure that your back is covered.

In addition, outside of a workplace setting there are also more personal reasons why you might want to use a service like Inteligator, such as to check whether or not your spouse is cheating on you. Because without properly accurate information you can end up confronting your partner when there is a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there is another mans or womans number on their phone (for example a new work colleague getting up to speed). And being armed with properly accurate information can really help to ensure that you don’t do anything that you will regret later.

On the other hand, if your partner has been cheating on you, then clearly that is something that you would want to know about, and that is something that Inteligator can help with.

Now, there are many expensive ways that you could go about doing this. You could hire a detective for example. That is a great method to discover everything about someone, but the reality is that it is prohibitively expensive to pay for first of all, and secondly it can be really time consuming to get the results back because lots of legwork is involved.

A service like Inteligator stops you from having to wait because the results are almost instant, and the cost is negligible in comparison to the amount is saves you if the person you are investigating turns out to be a bad’un.

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