Inteligator Background Checks – Do They Work?


Are You Being Scammed? You Need To Read This!

This is tough to write. I had an experience a few years backs that really set me on edge about human nature. I was working for a great company and was in charge of one little part of a well-oiled machine. It was my job to hire, fire and keep everything ticking over.

The short story is that someone left and we needed to replace them. So I did what anyone would do and I placed some ads on some internet job sites, Craigslist and a few other places. I got a ton of replies and narrowed them down on the basis of qualifications and work experience, because frankly there were too many to interview.

I ended up interviewing 5 of the candidates, and chose the one who interviewed the best, and who also happened to have the best qualifications and experience.

I wish I had known about Inteligator Background Checks then. It would have saved me a lot of grief.

Why I wish I had known about Inteligator Back Then…

Don't Stress Use Inteligator...

Don't Stress Use Inteligator...

It started off ok. I thought the guy was great. Smiley. Hard worker. No problems. But then after a few weeks we noticed that a few things were going missing from the office. Nothing too big. A bag here, a purse there. But enough to make people start to feel paranoid. And no-one knew who it was, because there was a lot of visitors to the office, so it was hard to tell whether we were simply being systematically targeted from outside forces. Or whether it was someone on the inside.

Now, of course we suspected the new guy a little. Who wouldn’t? But he seemed great and it didn’t tie in with what we seemed to know about him.  So it passed on by.

In the end I secretly got senior management approval to set up some surveillance equipment in our office, and after about two weeks the new guy was caught bang to rights taking something from someone’s bag.

It was quite shocking to see how someone you thought was a good colleague (and even turning into a friend) could scam people like that.

When I spoke to the Police later it turned out that this guy actually had a criminal record for theft as long as your arm. He had done this thing before, and if I had done some kind of background check on him then it would have shown up.  It wouldn’t even have cost much, and I could have done it straight from my computer!

But because I didn’t do that I cost everyone (and myself) a whole load of hassle.

After that experience my hiring routine is now a little different:

1/ Place Ads.

2/ Choose Candidates for Interview.

3/ Choose Best Candidates for Job.

4/ Carry out an Inteligator Background Check to double check that they are who they say they are and that they don’t have any prior convictions or problems with the Police.

Ever since I have carried out that extra check, most people do check out just fine.

Most people are normal. There is no need to get paranoid. But I have since found at least one other candidiate for another job who I was able to remove from consideration on the basis of a background check that didn’t pass muster.

And I can tell you I sleep much more soundly now that I do that.

It’s just common sense really. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through.

And it’s not just criminal record checks that Inteligator can check into. They can check sex offender records (so if for example there is any kind of dealing with children you can double check who they are). They can do reverse phone searches, people traces, reverse email searches, as well as checking through public records. They claim to have a billion records available to check online.

So, if for example, you are getting engaged to someone then you can check that they haven’t been married before.

Or if you are worried that you partner may be seeing someone else then you can make some checks using the Inteligator service that can set your mind at rest.

I know it sounds paranoid. But once bitten twice shy!

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